Spring 2017 Bucket List


Spring is coming up!

We will be moving at the end of May (again), so I will be MIA for a while again (if anyone’s still reading my blog).
And since we don’t have much time here, I thought it would be good to make a bucket list to make sure we enjoy this special time!

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Weekend Recap (March 11 2017)

If I say March 11, 2011, many of you probably don’t know the significance of this day.

But to many people in Japan, it means a lot.
This is the day Tsunami hit northeast coast of Japan.
This is the day lives of many many people were lost.
This is the day cities and towns people lived were destroyed by Tsunami.

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My Organization for the Freezer

Oh what a mess.

I even contemplated if I should put picture of my messy disastrous freezer picture on my blog…
I am embarrassed…but in order to show before/after, I have to…right?

So…there you go. My freezer was a mess. I desperately needed to organizer my freezer.

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My life Lately…

Last few weeks, I wasn’t feeling well.
Not “I’m having cold” kind, but I don’t want to get up, I don’t want to do anything kind.
I did’t want to meet anyone kind.
I was grumpy, and I was impatient.
I felt my heart beating very fast and loudly without any reason.
I didn’t know why I feel so restless and nervous.
I tried. I tried to play different kinds of music and change my mood.
But it made my head spin.
I tried to watch TV and laugh. But I couldn’t.

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