The Best SA ever in Aichi

Looooong time no see!
We’ve been traveling and visiting our family and friends all April, and I don’t own a laptop, so I couldn’t update my blog!
We are back, but we will be moving in 10 days, so I will be MIA for a while again…

Anyways, while we were traveling with kids, we desperately needed a place to let our kids play and release all of their energy.
They get so crunchy when they just sit down in car seats for too long.

When you travel Japan, I think most of you would use trains and Shinkansen.
But if you ever travel in car, and using Expressway near Toyota city, Aichi, you should stop by at Yukids Kamigou.

It’s indoor playarea for kids under 7 years old.
And my kids LOVED it.

I think they can easily spend an hour in this place.

You will have to pay for yourself and your kids, but while you travel, it’s not easy to go to the parks, and since it’s indoor, you can go there even it’s raining!

It is in Kamigou Service Area in down line (bound for Aichi) in Tomei Expressway, but according  (I could only find website in Japanese) to its website, you can go there from regular road(meaning non-expressway).

If you are in the area, definitely check this place out!


Address: 〒473-0903 Aichi-ken, Toyota-shi, Nishidachō, Sotobayashi−3
Phone: 0565-42-8131
Time: 10am ~ 7pm (6:30 pm Last Admission)

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