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The Result for my experiment

Hi y’All! Sorry I’ve abandoned my blog for a while… I’m currently staying at my parents’ house with kids, and they have ANCIENT…I mean really ancient laptop…and it takes literally forever to load a site. So I cannot even edit my picture 🙁 So frustrating! My hubby is staying at our new home now and […]

Family Trip 2016 – (Montreal, QC)

After a day at Ottawa, we headed to Montreal. From Ottawa to Montreal it’s only 2 hours drive. But in Montreal, their main language is French.  All the road sign changed from English/French to French only. When I visited Canada before, I really didn’t feel like we were in the another country (sorry!) But this […]

Family Trip 2016 – (Ottawa, ON)

We went to Canada last week (8/13 – 8/20) and that was AMAZING! We drove there, so we only stayed in Montreal for 2 days, but we had so much fun! Before heading to Montreal, we hit Ottawa; the capital. Please follow and like us:

Beach Trip with Toddler + baby!

  We recently visited Myrtle beach. We had SO MUCH fun! I made sure we had EVERYTHING we needed and we had quite a big luggage! My toddler son R has allergy, so I made sure I pack his allergy medicine and don’t forget nail clipper! You never know when you will need them. Please […]

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