How I Did My “Juice Cleanse”

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Since I’m done with breastfeeding Baby L, I decided it’s time to try fasting.
I’ve been wondering how it will change my body and how I would feel after that, so I thought it’s a good time to do it!
Now, please note that I’m not a doctor, and this post is NOT recommending fasting.
If you do it, please do your own research, ask your doctor and do it on your own risk.

When I researched about fasting, the most major way was to drink cold pressed juice.
Cold pressed juice is getting more popular here in Japan, but it’s still rare especially in a small town I live in.
And after the research, it seemed that lots of people are using Enzyme juice.
There are A LOT of different enzyme juice, but I bought this one here.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this one online on global site, so this will only gives you idea what I have drunk.

This one tastes pretty good. I cannot drink it by itself, so I mix it with carbonated water and I had that 9 times a day.
I picked this one because this item doesn’t have any chemicals in them.

Before I did fasting, I had prep days for couple of days.

On those days, I’ve only eaten veggies, beans and fish. No Meat, No Caffeine, No Sugar, Less Oil
And I ate until I’m 60% full.
At the time, I thought I was eating until 60% full but later on, I realized I’ve been eating until 80% full.


Day 1

In the morning, it was so hard for me not to eat a piece of toast.
I love me some toast. And COFFEE.
But I resisted the temptation.
And I kept drinking lots of water and Enzyme drink.

I have to feed my kids lunch and dinner even though I cannot eat, so I prepared food for them and fed.
Oh, the smell of food!
I’m not gonna lie, that was some challenge to say the least. Maybe I was as determined as I thought.
After taking a bath, I got on to the scale, and I was at 47.7kg (105lbs)
How did I feel?
After drinking enzyme drink and no one was eating around me, I was pretty good.
But other than that, I didn’t feel the effect of “cleanse”

Day 2

In the morning, I didn’t feel hungry. Surprise!
And it went a lot smoother today than the day before.
On the blogs I’ve read before the cleanse said you might get headache on Day 2.
But none of that happened. I feel normal, or actually pretty well.
Temptation from the food is pretty bad though.
And I realized my key to loosing weight and having healthy lifestyle is self-control.
I tend to eat whatever I want and I hate to exercise. If I don’t want to gain weight, I need to control my so-called “hunger”.
At the end of the day, my weight was 47.6 kgs. (104.94 lbs)

Day 3

This day was better than any other day since I started fasting.
I didn’t feel much hungry for some reason and I felt pretty good.
Of course hunger hit once in a while but I realized I feel so-called hunger when I’m bored.
And surprisingly, temptation from the food wasn’t as bad as the days before.
If everyday is like this, I wouldn’t mind doing fasting more often!
At the end of the day, my weight was 47kgs (103.6 lbs)


My weight declined from 48.5 kgs (107 lbs) to 47kgs (103.6 lbs).
So I’ve only lost 1.5 kgs which is less than I expected.
But this number tells me I need more muscles to burn more calorie.
And I need to control myself for not eating when I’m not actually hungry, but feels hungry because I’m bored.

Now, I’m on to recovering period.
All the blogs and instructions I’ve read tell me it’s the most important part.
So I will continue to write what happens in my next post.

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