Lazy Mom’s Guide for Baby Solid Food

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When I’m home and on “lazy mode”, the last thing I want to do is prepare the lunch.
I can do without lunch, but my kiddos need to eat.
So I stock up on foods in the freezer and warm them up.

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The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Keep Your Room Relatively Organized


Let’s be clear…I don’t mind the messiness my kids creates when they play.
But my husband does. The mess drives him CRAZY and he acts like a girl with PMS.
And when he’s moody, it does no good.
So I’ve been learning how to maintain the mess AT THE MINIMUM.
I cannot have clutter-free room with 2 kids, but here are my method to keep the room as organized as possible.

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My Baby Is One-Year Old

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I can’t believe my baby is 1-year old!!
He was supposed to be born in February so his little early arrival was surprise but I was so happy he is finally here.

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New Year’s Day in Japan

This year, I spent New Year’s Day in mainland Japan for the first time.
Even though we celebrate New Year’s Day in my home town, some things (especially foods) were different, so I thought it would be fun to share!

Please note that some areas of Japan may celebrate New Year’s Day differently.
This post doesn’t represent whole Japanese culture.

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