Hello Fresh Review

Hello FreshReview

Since I had my second child and my hands are full, and I dread thinking about the dinner menu everyday, I decided to try one of those “meal-kit” delivery service.

It eliminates my time to think about what to cook for the dinner and also shortens my time to cook.

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10 Items Made My Life Easier With Newborn


I gave birth to my second child in January.

While I was pregnant, I was so overwhelmed by the number of products that was available for the baby!

(Even though he was our second child, we got rid of most of our baby items before we moved in 2012, so hopefully this will help new moms out there too!)
*I excluded “Duh! Of course! **rolling eyes” items such as diapers, car seat and baby wipes…

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Family Trip to Northwest

*This post was originally written in January 2015 in my previous site.


Trip to Pacific Northweat


This holiday season, we took a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Mainly to see my host families.
(I lived there over 2 years.)
There is a direct flight from Cincinnati to Sea-Tac airport.

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