My Short Stop at Watari town

Couple weeks ago, I had little time, so I decided to drive to Watari town.
It’s the closest “beach” from our home.
I just wanted to see the ocean.

As I drove, I couldn’t find any “beach” even though my GPS shows I’m very close to it.


All you see is a grass and my GPS tells me it’s an elementary school.

Yup. This place used to be an elementary school but now it’s just nothing but grass.
And later, I’ve found out that NO ONE dies at that school.
On March 11, 2011, when they found out Tsunami will hit, teachers quick decision saves hundreds of kids lives.

And as I drove through the town, I also came across houses that are damaged by Tsunami and now vacant.

It’s a one of them.
Some coastal area is not inhabitable now, so I don’t think someone will ever come back to this house.

Even it’s been over 6 years, I still can see damage from the Tsunami.
Lots of people are moved from the temp homes and now lives in new homes the government built.

Tohoku area is getting back to normal, but I think it will never be the same “normal” again.

I am so thankful that we ¬†got chance to live here and see what’s going on with our own eyes.
People here are so nice and so warm.
I love their accents. I love their smiles.
They were all nice to us.
I will treasure the memories we made in Tohoku last 6 months.

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