Spring in Japan is Amazing

When my friends ask when is the best season to visit Japan, I would definitely say it’s either Spring or Fall.
Yes, it will be crowded, but even if you visit in summer, it’s crowded anyways, so if you could pick the season, you should definitely pick Spring.

It’s Himeji Castle.  It’s one of the Japan’s most famous castles and known for its beauty.

It was crowded with lots of visitors, but I think it’s worth going!
I’ve visited several castles in Japan, but it’s the best castle to visit so far.


And I don’t want to tell you about this place…
But I  fell in love with this park.
It’s Togurajuku Kitty Park. (it will jump to the Google Map)
Even though it has “kitty” in its name, it has nothing to do with Hello Kitty and kittens.
But their cherry blossoms were breath taking!

I took these photos on my phone and hadn’t edited the color.
It’s not as crowded as other famous places, so I definitely recommend it.
One of the cons of visiting here is that you cannot go there by train.
You can get to the closest station, but you would probably have to get taxi from the station.

Now, Spring is over and all the cherry trees have fresh green leaves and I can feel summer is around the corner.
I already miss Spring in Japan especially that I won’t be able to enjoy it next year.

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