After Juice Cleanse – The Most Important Part

So, if you read my previous post about my “Juice cleanse” experiance, you really need to read this.
Because after juice cleanse is the most important part of whole experiance.

Please note that it’s just my experience and knowledge I got from my research.
So if you decide to do juice cleanse, please do it on your own risk, and if you have any health issue, please please please ask your doctor first!
I am not a doctor or specialist!

When you are over with 3-day cleanse, you will be pretty hungry for any solid food.
But bad news…you have to suffer for couple more days…preferably the same length you did the cleanse.
You will need recovery period.

If I tell you to run at full speed right after you wake up, can you do it?
Probably most people cannot, or even don’t want to do it because…you might get injured.
You need to warm up.
Your gut is the same thing.
You need to give them time to warm up for regular solid foods.

When you are hungry, your body gets into survival mode and absorbs everything you put in your mouth.
Can you imagine eating juice hamburger for your first meal after the cleanse?
Your empty stomach will  not digest it well, and you might even get stomach ache from it, and your weight might get back to as it was before.

For me, the first day after the 3-day cleanse was the hardest.

If someone put this in front of you, right after you are done with cleanse, all you think about is putting that yummy treat in your mouth.
But please don’t do it!!
You don’t want that to absorb into your body and eventually gain back weight.
Don’t ruin your hard work on it. Trust me, it’s not that worth it.
But I know how you would feel.
Because the first day of recovery period was the hardest for me.

What Did I eat?

In the morning, I didn’t feel like I was that hungry, so I had enzyme juice again with carbonated water.
On lunch, I only had rice water which is on the left of the picture.
It’s pretty self explanatory…but when you cook rice with 10 times more water, you get tons of water left which rice couldn’t absorb, that’s rice water.
It’s pretty thick consistency and it tastes like rice (Duh).
In Japan, when we start solid for our baby, we give rice water first.

In the picture, it doesn’t look much, but surprisingly, it satisfied me!
And I was surprised how it tastes good.
If it was before my cleanse, I probably needed salt or some kind of condiments to drink rice water, but I was so thankful for this, I even didn’t need it!

And couple hours later when I “feel like” eating some snack, I had another glass of enzyme juice with carbonated water to trick my mind.
After the rice water, I felt like my body still needs to readjusting to solid food, I only had enzyme juice for dinner.
Of course you can eat rice porridge or anything easy to digest for your tummy if you really want to.
You just need to listen to you body.

Day 2 -Post Cleanse

In the morning, I had enzyme juice with carbonated water.
And I finally had rice porridge for lunch.
I usually hate rice porridge…but OH MY GOODNESS.
It tasted so good! Some people say, by juice cleanse, your taste bud will get more sensitive, and I didn’t think that’s true.
But I think my taste bud is more sensitive to the tastes.
And I only had half of the porridge.
The whole amount was too much.
If you cannot eat the whole serving, that’s okay. You can eat it the next day.
If you keep eating even though you’re already full, that’s short cut to gaining back the weight you lost!
That’s not what I want!

And on the Day 2 Post-cleanse, I got on to the scale.
It was 46kgs (101.4 lbs)!
Can you imagine if I was eating whatever I wanted to eat during the recovery period?
I would have gained weight.


Day 3 – Post Cleanse

I have to confess…I cheated. Yup.
In the morning, I had my enzyme drink, and at lunch I had enzyme juice again because I felt like my body needed that.
At night, I had somen noodle with natto (Japanese fermented soybeans).
I didn’t eat much. I had 30% of what I usually eat, and it was soooo good. I ate pretty fast.
Also, I had sashimi salmon with avocado. Have you tried it? OH, IT’S HEAVENLY if you like raw fish and avocado.
On the recovery session, you are not supposed to eat fish/meat.
But I couldn’t resist! I love salmon!

And on the next day, my stool was waaaay softer than it supposed to be.
TMI? I know, I’m sorry. But it’s important information to warn you!
You need to get back into your new routine pretty slowly, otherwise your body cannot adjust it well.
I learnt it in a hard way.

At the end of the day, my weight was 45.9 kgs (101.2 lbs).


The Result

On the day 1, my weight was 47.7 kg (105 lbs), but I even lost couple of pounds during prep period.
So before I start this whole process, I was at 48.5 kgs (107.7 lbs).
And at the end of the process, which took whole week, I am at 45.9 kgs (101.2 lbs).

I felt pretty good.  I don’t if it actually “cleansed” my body, but I hope my body had time to rest for a bit.
And the biggest thing I learnt from this is that I need to control my “hunger”.
A lot of time, I am not actually “hungry”, I just think I am hungry; that’s why I kept gaining weight.

And Don’t Forget

You will need to exercise to maintain your muscle level.
If you just fast, your body will get nutrients from the muscles.
While I was doing fasting and recovering, I did at least 30 squats (that’s the most I can do) and some leg, upper body workout.
I only kept it pretty light, but next day I was pretty sore.


And Drink PLENTY of water. More than you usually do.

Because you cannot take any liquid from the meal.
You are drinking juice, but it’s not enough!
And when hunger hits, water helps you a lot.
I also had lots and lots of carbonated water.
Non-flavored one though, of course.

Unfortunately NO ALCOHOL, NO CAFFEINE while you are doing the cleanse.

I know. You might think “how would I survive without those?!?!?!” I was the same.
But trust me. You can. You can stay sane.

Now, I need to maintain my weight.
I’m sure I will gain couple pounds back, but I am planning to keep that within 1-2 pound range.

Wish me Luck!

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